10 Things I Learned From the 21 Day Sugar Detox

1) – An entire freezer filled with homemade chicken stock is significantly more work and significantly less life-changing than anticipated.


2) – Homemade beef jerky, yogurt, and apple chips, on the other hand, have all made my life at least 3% more delicious.


3) – Cauliflower can be rice.

4) – Cauliflower can be mashed potatoes.


5) – Cauliflower can be king of the world.

6) – Despite my formerly fervent belief to the contrary, it is possible to eat out without touching the bread basket.

7) – 4 days without sugar will turn a month-old skittle at the bottom of your purse into an almost irresistible temptation.

8) – Candy cravings will pass, but pasta cravings are forever.

9) – That mysterious headache I’ve gotten every afternoon for as long as I can remember is called a sugar crash.

10)- That borderline-euphoric energy I’ve had for the past 21 days is what happens when I actually take two seconds to think about what I’m eating.



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